Monday, January 21, 2008

Skill games for fun --- or money

You can play a wide range of different games like from good old pinball, pool billard or backgammon to luxor. Play solitaire, freecell or sudoku sweep. Shooters or quiz shows and many many others. All for jewels (just to boost your ego and get nice avatar gadgets) or play for real money. 
It's really a lot of fun playing all these games against others around the world in big jackpot games. There is also a strange version of chess on a 5x7 board called chesster. You only got one of each 
light figure to play (one rook, one bishop, one knight). I really have to take a deeper look into this 
game. Also you just have a certain amount of time per move and if you run out of time it is your opponents turn.
Besides chesster i can mostly be found playing sudoku sweep, quiz queen and pinball. Oh, by the way site is called

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

PokerParadime - the long term in no time

PokerParadime is a new site to play texas hold'em. But it is not build to play for cash. It is totally web based so you do not have to download any software and install anything. You play against other players online or against bots. And here is the clue, bots are not only allowed to play it is what the site is build for. As soon as you have played a couple of hands you can turn yourself into a virtual player who will continue to play just like you did. So you can train your virtual self and then check how you would do with this style after thousands of hands. Because the bot also plays while you are not online.
There is no fee or anything else involved but you can not win any real money. But it is a really funny website and a good way to check your moves. My virtual me is currently in the top 20 of 354 registered players. How good is your bot ?