Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Analyzing bonus for MarketGlory

As mentioned in started playing MarketGlory recently.

Fight bonus

Let's start with the fight bonus which is paid for each of the ten daily referral fights you can do. It is based on the energy level you have. The amount you get paid for each fight you win is calculated as:

Bonus = Energy / 100 * Fight_Bonus

Because the energy can't sink below 1.0 the minimum you'll receive is 1/100 of the fight bonus of your country. Now let's check what price is still acceptable to pay for energy.
With each fight the energy level is decreased by 10% and because 10 fights will last at least 100 minutes there'll be one time when the energy because of the full hour.

So, the purchase of energy is a good investment if the sum of all fight boni (as a result of the bought energy) is bigger than the price for the energy.

The formula looks something like this:

Bonus (paid_energy) = (1 + 0.9 + 0.8 + 0.7 + 0.6 + 0.4 + 0.3 + 0.2 + 0.1) * added_energy/100 * Fight_Bonus

The multipliers are just approximations but are close enough for the accuracy needed. Remember that after 5 fights you lose some additional energy because of the hour change.

This adds up to : bonus = 5 * added_energy/100 * Fight_Bonus

Now just check if the bonus is bigger than the price for the energy...Let's do a little example:

Germany currently pays a fighting bonus of 10 DEM and a newspaper costs 0.14 DEM. Each newspaper adds 0.3 of energy. The bonus paid for buying energy would be:

5 * 0.3 / 100 * 10 = 1.5 / 10 =  0.15
So in this example it is more or less break even to buy a newspaper at 0.14 DEM.

Buying low quality milk costs 0.45 DEM and gains the player 1.0 energy:

5 * 1 / 100 * 10  = 5 / 10 = 0.5
This leads to a win of 0.05 DEM per paid liter of milk to receive the fighting bonus

Have fun and remember to check if it really makes sense to invest money for energy for your daily fights. If you have not signed up to market glory you can join here.