Sunday, November 2, 2014

Primedice - play dice with bitcoin

So do you want to test a simple betting strategy in a real life environment without any programming ? Just head to Primedice and make a free account. Primedice is a "online casino" which only overs one game. Sounds like a game of dice but it's more of a coin flip where you can select the chance of winning and the casino will adjust the odds. There is always a house edge of 1%. Funny thing is that they offer automated betting. Which let's you play martingale for example. So double your bet after every loss and see how long you last until it wipes you out. Remember you can change the chance of winning to be more than 50% but the payoff will be adjusted too.

I thought I found a bug in there system when I discovered that the payout for a bet of 0.00000005 and 90% was still 0.00000001. But the problem was that the displayed value was already rounded while the internal system uses at least one more digit to calculate your actual winnings. So no easy money there...I'm still checking out various betting sizes and win chances to test for rounding errors which might lead to +EV situations.

But never the less you'll get some free bitcoins (well actually fractions of bitcoins) ever time your account runs dry. If you want to start and test your strategies with more the 500 satoshi (smallest fraction of BTC) that Primedice gives you you can also get free BTC from bitcoin faucets .

I'll use this post to keep track of my Primedice account level and faucet payouts:

Level 1 - faucet pays 500 - 539  - claim every 3 minutes
Level 2 - faucet pays 540 - 579    claim every 3 minutes
Level 3 - faucet pays 580 -
Level 4 - faucet pays 640 -
Level 5 - faucet pays 780 -
Level 6 - faucet pays 840 -
Level 7 - faucet pays 900 -
Level 8 - faucet pays 980 -

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One year of MyVegas on facebook

It's now a little bit over one year that I started playing the MyVegas App on facebook. So what has happend in all that time. Well first of all rewards have gotten more "expensive" or in other words the free loyalty points (LP) aren't worth as much as in the beginning. I guess that's just natural when everyone wants to get more free stuff. The good news is that the site is still around and giving away free stuff for your next trip to Las Vegas.

After playing on and off for roughly one year (without any friends added - which would increase my daily coins) I am at level 98 and have a total of 221,390 LP. Those LPs would currently buy me:
  • Two weekend nights at New York New York (101,500 LP each)
  • or Two tickets to KA (208,000 LP)
  • or 4 nights at the Mirage (52,500 LP per night)

Currently I just log in to collect all coins and LP from my strip each day (about 22k coins and 150 LP - without the daily spin) and only play if there's a promotion that gives away additional loyalty points. There is normally one every second week. So build up coins and only use them to play then.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slotbot highscore at CashCrate

You already know that I love to play skill games online for change or free money. I also signed up with CashCrate some time again not to earn some cents for doing their surveys but to receive some money whenever I join and test a new browser game (which they also promote on CashCrate and give you money or points for).
I recently noticed that they also offer tourneys which can be played for those points (which is just a virtual currency that can be used to get vouchers and stuff). The games aren't as nice as on other skill game sites but that's alright. I figured I might have an edge playing those match-3 type of games as they are my bread and butter on other sites and I really love them. I played a couple of weekly tournaments (very few participants) and always gained some additional points. My highscore so far has been around 18.000 points and then the following game happend. Enjoy!

Already in the first level I hit a combo beating my previous highscore. So lot's of luck involved but I think I'll add this weekly tourney to my play list.

Edit: the video has currently been pulled by youtube...also I don't know why. Already complained about it as I don't see anything bad with it.