Monday, July 28, 2008

Improve your chess with Chess Tactics Server

Here is another way besides the personal chess trainer to improve your chess skills. The Chess Tactics Server offers 23803 different chess problems of different difficulty. And the number is growing.
You can choose to solve the puzzles as a guest or create a account. If you get a totally free account (you only need to choose a nick and enter a email address) you can trace your rating development. Also if you get a account you will always get problems that match your rating.
The problems are not always typical puzzles where you have to find a mate in X. There are also lots of exercises where you just have to realiz the best move is to take back a figure.
The only thing I don't like about the site is that each puzzle has to be solved with very little time. So it is a good way to improve your blitz chess. You should make sure to redo puzzles you didn't solve on the first attempt. Solving same on later tries will not affect your rating on the site but will help you to improve your chess skills. Remember most of the time chess is just detection patterns and move accourdingly. Chess Tactics Server will help you in doing so.
Now have fun solving problems and dream of chess patterns all day and night :-)