Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One year of MyVegas on facebook

It's now a little bit over one year that I started playing the MyVegas App on facebook. So what has happend in all that time. Well first of all rewards have gotten more "expensive" or in other words the free loyalty points (LP) aren't worth as much as in the beginning. I guess that's just natural when everyone wants to get more free stuff. The good news is that the site is still around and giving away free stuff for your next trip to Las Vegas.

After playing on and off for roughly one year (without any friends added - which would increase my daily coins) I am at level 98 and have a total of 221,390 LP. Those LPs would currently buy me:
  • Two weekend nights at New York New York (101,500 LP each)
  • or Two tickets to KA (208,000 LP)
  • or 4 nights at the Mirage (52,500 LP per night)

Currently I just log in to collect all coins and LP from my strip each day (about 22k coins and 150 LP - without the daily spin) and only play if there's a promotion that gives away additional loyalty points. There is normally one every second week. So build up coins and only use them to play then.

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